Music Ministry
Men's Ministry
Ladies Ministry


The Music Ministry aims to use the influence of music to worship the Lord and to encourage others in an environment of worship and praise. It is made of a group of volunteers who utilizes their God-given talents in singing and instrumental music to bring praises and glory to His name.


Coordinated by Bro. Paolo Fiel Bautista

Just as how the twelve disciples have followed Jesus, the objective of Men's Ministry is to follow Him and uplhold His teachings at all times. They strive to improve issues that men undergo by using God's guidance and to establish fellowship amongst each other.


Coordinated by Bro. Joey Mendoza

The Women's ministry, much like Men's ministry, is also a fellowship among women who follow God and give all faith and honor in Him. They conduct many fellowships that tackle spiritual guidances that will help in certain issues women face.



Coordinated by Sis. Fe Mendoza

Couple's Ministry

The Couple's ministry is a fellowship of men and women bonded in holy matrimony. Since all marriages are declared holy in the name of the Lord, the ministry aims to strengthen the bonds between couples and to use God's word to discuss certain marital issues in order to preserve the precious sanctity of marriage.



Coordinated by Sis. Rosalia Basanes

Children's Ministy

Jesus once said that the kingdom of the Lord belongs to such as these (Mat 19:14). Children's Ministry aims to lead children towards the Lord by conducting Sunday Schools and giving lessons and activities that help stimulate their child-like faith. It is made of volunteer teachers that guide students every sunday and help them learn more about our Lord and Saviour.


Coordinated by Bro. Renz Cortez and Sis. Cristina Iscala

Youth Ministry

The Youth ministry aims to gather the young people of the church and lead them towards the Kingdom of God. They establish a spiritual camaraderie through fellowships that empower them through life and struggles. Through them lies the future of this church which is why there are several opportunities for the youth to engage in leadership training.


Coordinated by Bro. JC Basanes