• Paul Cortez

News: Navigating our True NORTH

Several Hundreds of delegates all across Canada and the world had gathered in Burnaby, BC to celebrate the WIN Canada Convention 2015 with the theme "Navigating our True North". Eleven WIN Manitoba delegates were present (above photo, from left to right then downwards (standing) Bro. John Feliciano, Bro. Paolo Fiel Bautista, Bro. Joey Mendoza, Bro. Dennis, Bro. Renz Cortez, (seated) Bro Jun Estrada, Sis. Arlene Estrada, Ptr. Donald Castro, Sis. Jeanne Castro, Sis. Cristina Iscala, Bro. Ronald Iscala.

Different speakers gave their sermons within the span of four days. Speakers include the International Overseer Ptr. Rene Nepomuceno, Canada Overseer Ptr. Jong Duterte, British Columbia Senior Pastor Ronaldo De Villa, WIN USA Overseer Ptr. Babes Paulate and many more.

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