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No Boundaries or Distances: WIN Youth Canada Convention 2017

"Separated by 2000 thousand miles, united by Christ"

WIN Youth Canada gathered in Winnipeg from the provinces of Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia for the annual Youth Convention 2017. The event is led by WIN Calgary Ptr. Richard Sampang. 15 Delegates attended the three-day convention that started on Friday May 26 and ended on Sunday May 28.

(above) First Day: WIN Youth in Salakot Restaurant in Kewatin Winnipeg

(Above) Ptr. Richard Sampang, organizer of the convention, delivered the church sermon on May 28th.

WIN Youth Leaders delivering prayers to winnipeg youths

WIN Youth visiting the Manitoba Legislative Building on the second day of the convention.

WIN Youth Canada in Twist Bistro, a downtown-located restaurant operated by Bro, John Feliciano. The second day event is spent with messages from youth leaders and get-together activities.

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